Awards & Activities

Eva Berlin Fransiskus Awards and Achievements

'Most Engagine Speaker' by Pinnacle Performance Company, 5 November 2015.

Obtained Certificates of Merit for contributing to the following associations:
Indonesian Students’ Association as President, PSB Academy.
Student Council in PSB Academy.

Obtained a Certificate of Appreciation for the following activities:
• Pioneered PSB Frenz, PSB Academy.
• Volunteered for Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Limited, as a tutor to ex-offenders’ children, ISCOS.

Obtained Certificates of Achievement for participating in the following activities:
• Volunteered as a student helper in Strategic HR Forum 2009 organized by PSB Academy
 Student Ambassador in PSB Academy.
 Student Apprentice in PSB Academy, as a part-time librarian.
 ‘Student Leadership Camp’ focusing on leadership skills, PSB Academy.
‘The Arts of Effective Presentation’, a workshop focusing on presentation skills, PSB Academy.
 ‘Career Planning and You’, a workshop focusing on career planning, PSB Academy.

Indonesian Students’ Association in PSB Academy

President, May 2009-May 2010
• Responsible for the Indonesian Students’ Association in the campus.
• Led the team to conduct Journey to the East (May 2010), a version of Amazing Race for Indonesian students all over Singapore.
• Initiated International Food Festival in Oct 2009, which was participated by other International Students’ Association in PSB Academy.

Student Council of PSB Academy 

Committee officer, Sept 2008-Sept 2009
• Appointed as the committee officer of Student Council to organise various events including Valentine’s Day celebrations (Feb 2009), in-campus camps, and outings.

Student Ambassador of PSB Academy 

Committee officer, Oct 2008-May 2009
• A representative of Indonesian student in PSB Academy in receiving students from China and Vietnam. 

Student Apprentice of PSB Academy 

Committee officer, July 2008-May 2009
• Helped as a part-time librarian.

Final Year Project in Yos Sudarso High School 

Director and Leader, Nov 2005-June 2006
• Directed a theatre production of Mulan as the final year project for the English course.
• The play won Best Play, Best Director, Best Costume, and Best Stage Director.
• The project also resulted in High Distinction for the English course.